Monday, March 28, 2005

Al mamut se hizo mierda

El Mamut

This video is fricking hilarious. If you can understand the spanish good for you. If not here's the translation of each of the choruses (those being the parts in which the words flash on the screen after the mice say "que pasa?"

"El mamut se hizo Mierada" ---> "The mammoth ate shit"
"Al mamut le dio Cancer" ----> "The mammoth got cancer"
"Al mamut le dio Cirrosis" ----> "The mammoth got cirrosis"
"Al Mamut le dio Sida" -----> "The mammoth got AIDS"
"El mamut con sobredosis" ----> The mammoth overdosed"
"El mamut se murio" -------> "The mammoth is dead"

Some life lessons we can all learn here


Anonymous said...

"El mamut se hizo Mierda" - not 100% sure, but if my high school spanish education serves me correctly, I think this means "the mammoth makes shit," not "the mammoth ate shit."

Jack said...

According to it's "Became shit" I think this is something colloquial though. Ate shit fits the best in the context.