Monday, March 28, 2005

Post Last Home Match

After my last home match Posted by Hello

(04:12:11) Grace: you look like you have to pee
(04:12:17) Grace: and you're happy you have to peee


Anonymous said...

I agree wtih grace.

Anonymous said...

And I can't spell.

Tweedledopey said...

You may not be able to spell, but neither can moosenuts.

Anonymous said...

I say funny things.

Here's a good pickup line that you should use to pick up girls: Did you fall from the sky (variation: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven)? Cuz you have bruises all over your face.
And it even sort of has to do with wrestling.

Also, a question: How can this thing be anonymous when your face is plastered all over it?

Jack said...

when did i ever say that this was anon? I link to it in both my aim profile and facebook and other places too. This is just a place to publicly place my thoughts and other stuff.

Also, that pick up line is kind of disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Your face is kind of disturbing.