Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Post-Thesis Achievement Goals

In class today I decided to begin assembling a list of things I want to do between finishing my thesis and graduation.

1. Katmandu with Pton crew (not all of them rhyme)
2. Guidofest 2005
3. Crash a Party at Rutgers (get Fat Bitches [the sandwiches])
4. Drunk Bowling @ Colonial Lanes
5. See Welbilt perform @ TT Reynolds in Fairfax, Virginia
6. Study @ Triumph Brewing Company
7. Drink w/ Tyrone
8. Hang Out With Houseparties Waitresses
9. Kill a Drifter
10. Visit Yuengling Brewary
11. Get Taco's from that sketchy Taco Place on Route 1 that is probably just serving as a drug front.
12. Beirut Mockumentary
13. Drink every day in May
14. Drink all day Wednesday
15. Prospect 11
16. Beirut 11
17 . Campus 5 on 05/05/05

I'll continue to update this as I think of more things

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