Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Prodigal IMer Has Returned

JackJohn's back!!!

So, I'm back on IM. I'm sure most of you know this already since you probably came here from my AIM profile. The way I see it this results in two probable consequences for Moose Guts.

1) My postings on here my become less frequent, as I think that this may have been an outlit to compensate for my lack of IMing. Who knows though? This is kind of a nice little outlet for my irrelevant rantings. I may rant soon later today... I'm in a ranting kind of mood, I just don't know what to unleash it upon today.

2) tweedledopey's gotta stop making those comments on here as the likelihood that the offended parties may stumble upon them has dramatically increased.

...and I'm swimming inside


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the IM universe. Don't stop blogging. I need an outlet for procrastination.

Tweedledopey said...
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