Thursday, April 14, 2005

Drinking Games

OK, so the drinking game list has been moved to this location so as to make room for other things on my AIM profile. You may be wondering what the ramifications of this list might be. Well, I'll tell you now. I plan on organizing many tournaments after I finish my thesis. Furthermore, I plan on using different games for all the tournaments. So, keep the suggestions coming. Either comment them here or IM your suggestion to me JackJohn810.

The list so far (The name in parenthesis is the person who suggested the game):
Schlitz Bowling (invented by Richard Palmer)
Infinite Halves (Mike O'Neill)
Pour Hour (Casey O'Neill)
Slap the Bag (Casey O'Neill)
Quarters (Casey O'Neill)
Fuck the Dealer
Asshole (Rehan)
Moosehead Rules/Full-Contact Beirut
Drink, OK! (Scott)
Champound (Sid)
Generals (Jordan)
Drink the Beer (Family Guy)
Landmines (Erica)
Normandy (Victoria)
Survivor Flipcup (Rehan)
Thirsty Thirsty Hippos (Rehan & Cait)
Wall Destroyer
Beer Frizz
Bombs (Rehan)
Beer Pong
Blow Pong
Dizzy Bats
Kings, Circle of Death, etc
Up & Down the River (Mike O'Neill)


Tweedledopey said...

Don't know if this is Normandy, but Generals. Also, Champong.

resqagent said...

champong is already on the list. however - champound is not.

Anonymous said...

F*** You. Great game!!


Anonymous said...

We do something called a "boat race" that involves two competing lines of people chugging beers in sequence. Which side will be starting is only announced seconds before the beginning, and in some variants the chugging proceeds back down the line again after it hits the end.
And then of course there are any number of drinking games invented by me for special occasion. And good lord Newman's Day should be up there in some capacity. PF