Friday, April 01, 2005

I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long.

Mitch Hedberg

The past 24 hours have been very sad. The pope was read his last rights and Mitch Hedberg died. I don't know what I can really say about the pope, quite frankly I don't know much about him. Mitch Hedberg on the other hand I feel I can say a lot about.

Suffice to say, that the world has lost a fantastic comic. The man was a comic genius who always had me laughing my ass off. When I saw him at the Borgata in January I thought I was going to die. His jokes apply to so many situations, that I constantly find them popping into my mind when I'm in them. Like anytime I'm at dinner I think:

"When you go a resturant on the weekends and it's busy so they start a waiting list. They say Dufrane, party of two, table ready for Dufrane, party of two , and if no one answers they'll say the name again, Dufrane, party of two. Bu then if no one answers, they'll move on to the next name. Bush party of three. Yeah, but what happened to the Dufranes, No one seems to care, who can eat at a time like this? People are missing. You people are selfish. The Dufranes are in someone's trunk right now ,with duct tape over their mouths and they're hungry.That's a double whammy! We need help! Bush search party of three. You can eat once you find the Dufranes."

One (and by one I mean me) wonders if MJ and I would even be friends if it weren't for Mitch Hedberg. We started hanging out because our mutual love of his humor and probably spent 50% of our conversation time for a week firing quotes back and forth. Now she's one of my closest friends.

A great guy has been lots and the world is now a less funny place.

Double whammy indeed.


Tweedledopey said...

um... it's last rites. sad indeed.

as for hedberg, i agree, he was a genius. and he was lots, and now he's lost, but we know where he is, and there's no need to send a search party after him.

who is MJ?

Jack said...

hey, read the disclaimer on the left side of the page. gramatical and speling mystakes will be present. i cair knot.