Tuesday, August 09, 2005

AA and LM

This post really doesn't have anything about either of them other than the fact that they are two of the reasons I feeled compelled to post on here today. Both of them have lamented that my lack of posting takes away one of the things they use to procrastinate. So, here you go guys, I'm posting, so procrastinate away.

This little story I've been meaning to post for a while. It is the story of Reunions. Well, not all of Reunions, just the last day really. So in case you don't feel like hitting up that link I just supplied I will briefly summarize what Reunions is. A huge percentage of Princeton alumni return to campus for a 3 day party. Every 5 years has it's own reunion tent (i.e. 5th, 10th, 15th, etc.) and they serve alcohol for a large portion of the day. It used to be the second largest single order for Budweiser next to the Indy 500. The Indy 500 went dry...Princeton Reunions did not...so now it is the single largest order. A single reunion tent (the 5th) routinely goes through over 300 kegs of beer over the course of 3 days. Ridiculous...I know. During Reunions I have routinely stayed up past the break of dawn consuming frosty beverages. This all takes place the last week of may...just prior to graduation (notice how I capitalize Reunions, but not graduation, this should demonstrate to you their relevant importance to me).

So, my story takes place on the last day of Reunions (saturday). I woke up at around 1 after I had passed out at around 8AM in quad the previous evenings. I was still drunk. Got some brunch and headed over to the P-Rade where I proceeded to consume my two flasks, one of Jaegar and the other of Knob. When it was our turn to join it, a torrential downpour struck us. There are few things than I consider than having been able to run through the arch in pouring rain and then dancing in the mud with all my other soon to be graduates.

After that I just hung out and drank for a good amount of time. The story gets good again later that evening. We walked from the 5th tents in the Pyne courtyard down to wards Jadwin, stopping off at a few of the tents, including the 30th, which featured bottles of Tiger beer. We stopped off in my room and took some shots, then ent on down to Jaswin to check out the fireworks. They were pretty sweet, although we missed a good portion of the show due to our shot aking shenanigans. After visiting a few more of the tents we came to the realization that we were pretty close from getting a drink from every one of the Reunion tents. So, we embarked on our journey travaling to all of the deep dark corners of campus.

I'd like to point out that people may have joined Rehan and I and left us at various parts of our junior, but I don't really recall who and when.

There were a few highlights of our great journey across campus. One of my favorites was the reunion that had the Pirates of the Carribean theme. They had such an awesome collection of alcohol, the best of which being the Mango Daiquri, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Hurricane Daquiri slushies. Oh they were tasty. And so I had had a large amount of beer traveling to these various tents and drinking the various alcohols that were provided there. When we got to the 10th reunion we met up with this older couple. Rehan had a huge crush on the wife and kept on hitting on her. I think the coupld may have been angling for a threesome with him. At some point they gave us their card and told us to visit their place in Florida anytime we wanted.

After the 5th closed at 2AM we wondered back to the Pirate reunion to see if we could get more slushie. They were all closed up, but the workers were distracted so we liberated a bottle of wine from their possession. From there we went to Blair arch where there was some guys doing an arch sing. Apparently we were a little be drunk and a little loud, which they didn't appreciate and so Rehan and I nearly got into a fight with one of the guys who work for the Emergency squad. I may have been drunk, but there's one thing I'm sure of, the other dude was the one picking the fight.

This is probably my favorite part of the story. We started walking out to our lovely quadrangle club, when we ran into members of our parent class (the 25th reunion). 4 guys drunk and sitting on the corner of Washington and Prospect. We busted out the bottle of wine we had obtained earlier and chatted up the old guys. It was the most blatant breaking of the open container law I have ever been privy to. 6 guys standing outside drinking a bottle of wine. Thank God the police go on vacation that weekend because they don't want to risk arresting someone who makes millions of dollars a year.

Then we saw a bunch of the Tri-Delts returning from Quad, Lucy was bummed because tweedledopey had skipped out on before they could play a game of beirut, so I went back and we played the single worst game in Beirut history. I don't think we even finished it it was so bad. Then I passed out...I think...don't really remember much beyond that in any case.

I remember feeling low
I remember losing hope
I remember all the feelings and they day they stopped
OLP "Innocent"


Anonymous said...

Good summary, except...

I think you should have included a little something about Big To'. No, this doesn't have anything to do with Jack's foot fungus. For those who were not present, let me elaborate.

Big To' (real name: Tony) is one of the fire inspector guys who was hired to be a bouncer at the 20th reunion tent (the Pirate one). He's a pretty big guy, so he handled the job well. He's also cool because he hates the fire code himself and thinks it is ridiculous (as do all Princeton students), but he needs the job to support his family. I definitely have respect for that.

Basically all Big To' had to do was make sure people didn't leave the bar with more than one drink, but he was awesome and told them that he would hold the 2nd drink for them as they exited, and then they could come back around from the other side and get it back from him. This way he was technically doing his job - no one was leaving with more than one drink. He had to sneak all this behind his boss' back so the boss wouldn't be pissed off. Big To' is a pretty sweet dude.

He was also the one who gave us the bottle of wine that we drank with the 25th reunion guys on the corner of Washington and Prospect. And he also came to Quad to hang out for a while after he was done with his work at the tent.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Jack said...

yo, I totally don't remember Big To' at all.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout-out, jazz. and i have to say, my favorite line of reunions was yours, about 30 seconds after we 77 girls found you the first night: "i had no idea how much i missed you guys until right now!" good times... until next year!