Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Some Girl Is Going To Slap Me For This

While I don't think it's absolutely neccesary to understand what this post, I recommend reading my previous post before reading this one for some background information or for a more elaborate explanation of the concepts discussed here I recommend Macoby's (1990) article on Gender Development. (note: Macoby is a woman and it's somewhat apparent in her research)

So I know I just posted a long article about 20 minute ago, but afterwards I was talking to MG about my post and he mentioned the oft discussed idea of "What If Women Ruled The World" and how many people (particularly women) would argue that the world would be a better place in this instance.

I feel like I need to establish this first so that I reduce my chances of getting slapped for this, despite the fact that as far as an argument would go this should probably be my rousing conclusion:

The women that would make the world a better place are women that exhibit their stereotypical interaction style, which is the enabling interaction style (characterized by turn taking, softening of criticism, conflict negation strategies, and agreeing). Yes, I agree, that if the world was ruled by people like this it would be a better place. However, I can't even fathom how these sort of people would rule the world. All it would take is a few people to develop the stereotypical male interactions style, the dominanting interaction style (characterized by interruptions, commands, threats, boasting, refusal to comply, heckling, direct competition, and physical force) to overthrow the enablers and rule the world in their stead.

Now, this isn't to say that women can't rule the world, but women with the enabling interaction style (or men with the enabling interaction style) would absolutely not be able to. In the same sense, women with the dominating interaction style would probably be as likely as men to be able to take over the world. So to sum things up here. Yes, women could rule the world, but those women who would be able to achieve such power would be as bad as the men who have it now. Also, yes, if the stereotypical women (those with the enabling interaction style) were to rule the world it probably would be a better place. Unfortunatly, the presence of the dominant style of interaction forbids this from ever happening.

If you are offended by anything that I have said than you have probably misunderstood me.

Aw yeah, all good, she's not crazy,
Just a little misunderstood.
-Better Than Ezra

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While a slapping might be in order, I might be talking about a different kind... and not from me.