Monday, March 20, 2006

Celebrating the First Day of Spring

Today is officially the first day of spring and with the first day of spring comes the day of free regular sized Rita's Water Ices (i.e. Italian Ice if you're not 'in the know'). In past years I had only enjoyed this rare time passively, returning home after my mother had visited the surrounding Rita's establishments returning with enough free ice's for everyone. Today however, since I'm home for spring break, I joined her on this magical journey (thus doubling our return). My mom had plotted out 7 Rita's chains near our house and I reminded her of one other one, thus making the total number we visited 8. At the first one I orderd a Green Apple water ice, a relatively new flavor, and I consumed all of it. We then went to a few more where we would both eat enough of the water ice to make it so that a lid could be placed on top of it and then the ice can be placed in one of two coolers. At one point we went to the Rita's in Neshaminy Mall in which they had cookies and cream flavored water ice. It was to die for. Mmmmm. As we neared the end of our wonderful journey, we realized that we weren't sure what we'd do for dinner. Then we remembered that we have these cards to get a free Quizno's sandwich. We started cracking up once we determined that we would be topping off our day of receiving free water ice's by getting a free sandwich, despite the fact that Quiznos sandwich's have gone severly downhill in the past several months. Their service has become shitty, their sandwichs get smaller everytime I go, and I don't know how they can legally get away with calling them "toasted," because those things just don't toast anymore. All in all it was a good day and it was quite a wonderful bonding experience with mama.

Everybody wants to be cool
Everybody wants to be happy
Everybody wants to put a smile on their face
Real Fruit
Real Fresh
The ice is Rita's
Be cool eat a Rita's


resqagent said...

do you realize that whatever you saved by getting stuff free was lost in gas money?

just raining on your parade

Jack said...

first of all my mom drove. Second of all Water Ice's are about 2 bucks each and the Rita's locations are quite close to each other. So if we take the 16 water ice's and multiply it by 2 dollars each, that's about 34 dollars. Considering that we made the entire trip in less than a quarter of a tank and a FULL tank would have cost 20 bucks, I'm pretty sure that my parade has not even been drizzled on.