Friday, May 12, 2006

Coming to Columbia

I stumbled across this article in the New York Times today. Some really interesting stuff. I primitive tribe of about 80 people recently came out of "the bush" and said they wanted to join modern society. To me this is the most interesting part of the article:
The Nukak have no concept of money, of property, of the role of government, or even of the existence of a country called Colombia. They ask whether the planes that fly overhead are moving on some sort of invisible road.
This really made me think about movies where people are transplanted to futuristic and/or alien worlds. In all of those movies the society that we're transplanted to has some sort of government system and lifestyle that we're able to understand. I suppose that's only to be expected because the idea of the society had to come from the imagination of someone living in our time. I imagine that the way our society works would have be completely inconceivable to these people, as is evidenced by their lack of understanding of such fundamental concepts as money, property, or role of government. It'd be hard to tell a story about someone from our time and culture being in a time or culture that functions in a way that is currently inconceivable to us. I suppose that's really the definition of inconceivable there. I just find this story of a complete transplantation, especially with the direction my life is currently taking. My situation is rather less dramatic, but still, I feel some sort of connection with these people.

Yeah motherfuckers! Welcome to the United States of America.
Time to roll out the red carpet on y'all bitch asses.
Hailin from the filthy, dirty South, where the Kings lay.
Ludacris; Disturbin' Tha Peace family. Recognize royalty
when you hear it. The throne has been taken, so kiss this
nigga's earring. Luda throw some grapes on these bitches!

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