Thursday, June 09, 2005

Survey type thing

001. spell your name backwards: kcaj

002. the story behind your AIM SN: highschool nickname, cause some people knew me as jack, other's new me as john

003. how old are you?: 22

004. where do you live?: Hulmeville, PA

005. five words to describe you: smart, dorky, entertaining, loving, dedicated

--describe your--

006. wallet: black leather

007. hairbrush: ummm...i use a black comb sometimes

008. jewelry worn daily: gold watch with a diamond at the 12, princeton class ring, both "bling" apparently

009. pillow cover: boring and white

010. coffee cup: well last time i drank coffee it was an iced coffee out of the red plastic quad cups

011. shoes: most of the time teva sandles with black straps

012. cologne/perfume: almost out of my "Very Sexy" cologne by Vicotria's from an ex.

013. cd in stereo right now: ha, "cd" LAME, i use my rio MP3 player bitches

015. what are you wearing right now: kjaki shorts, with a J Robinson Intensive wrestling t-shirt...havn't worn this thing since high school

016. hair: i can only assume that i've got hat head

017. wishing: that the rest of my time home isn't going to be as boring as the past week

018. after writing this: watching futurama, chatting, going to bed

019. talking to: rehizzle and bibi

020. eating: ate some chips a little bit ago

021. cosmetics: ummm, no

022. something you're looking forward to: todds party this weekend

023. last thing you ate: last significant thing i ate... chicken parm and spaghetti cooked by mama

-- do you --

024. like candy?: sometimes

025. like incense?: no thanks

026. believe in love?: yes

027. believe in soul mates? yepper

028. believe in love at first sight?: maybe

029. believe in forgiveness?: "You need to make peace with yourself and everyone around you" -tuesdays with Morrie

-- randoms --

030. if you could have any animal for a pet?: a human...mwahahhahaha

031.where have you lived: Hulmeville & Princeton

032. what's something you wish you could understand better?: how to get a sweet job

033. anyone that you miss that you haven't seen in a while?: Not yet, but it's only a matter of time before I start direly missing Pton people

-- in the last 24 hours --

034. cried?: nope

035. bought something?: yeah...a car

036. gotten sick?: nope

037. sang: maybe a the car...the new one...that i just bought

038. eaten: yes

039. been kissed: unfortunatly no

040. felt stupid: yah, took GRE diagnostic test...ouch

041. wanted to tell someone you love them: no, not really

042. met someone new?: yes siree

043. moved on: from what?

044. talked to an ex?: not recently

045. missed an ex?: a little bit

046. talked to someone you have a crush on?: yes indeed

047. had a serious talk?: don't think so

048. hugged some one?: yes

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