Monday, September 12, 2005

Television, My Anti-Drug

Color scheme is screwy on this post, can't fix it easily. Should be back to normal for the next one.

I don't really feel like writing out the reviews of all the shows I'm looking forward to viewing this coming television season. However, in case you happen to care what I'll be viewing or would like some suggestions as to what to watch, here is my fall television schedule.

8:00 PM
Arrested Development on Fox
starring Jason Bateman (who played the hilarious announcer in Dodgeball, Pepper Brooks).

Cotton McKnight: In 23 years of broadcasting I thought I'd seen it all, folks. But it looks like Peter La Fleur has actually blindfolded himself.
Pepper Brooks: He will not be able to see very well, Cotton.

...also featuring David Cross, a very funny character actor who plays a great part in this show.

Overall this show is pretty hilarious. It functions on somewhat of an odd pace and the humor is just outstanding. I've only caught random episodes in the past due to the fact that I was in school and watching sitcoms is a fairly difficult thing to pull off regularly.

8:30 PM
How I Met Your Mother on CBS
NPH baby, NPH. That's all I needed to hear in order to convince me to watch this show.

: Do you know the show Doogie Howser, M.D.?
Officer Palumbo: Great show. God I love that show. Doogie.
Harold: Neil Patrick Harris stole my car tonight.
Officer Palumbo: Hey! NPH wouldn't do that!

And if that turns out to suck, Kitchen Confidential looks like it might be promising. Mostly because the guy who played Will Tippin in Alias is in it and I really liked him in that. He was also in Wedding Crashers, in which he played the asshole.

9:00 PM
Looking like it's going to be Monday Night Football at 9, especially tonight when the Eagles play the Falcons.

8:00 PM
I'm not usually too big on the CSIs and the Law & Orders of the world, but I really like this show. There's a lot of smart-ass comments made by all the characters on the show. That's pretty much the reason I watch it. The head guy Gibbs is a pretty hard ass boss, who makes sweet slights at his employees. Donoza is awesome, he's an asshole, but a funny asshole. This is another show I watched infrequently, but caught it when I could. Apparently one of the main characters was killed off at the end of last season. Tis a shame, she was hot.

9:00 PM
House on Fox
Another unusual choice for me. I generally abhor those medical dramas, but I just can't resist the assholish quips of Dr. Gregory House. His sarcastic comments are priceless.

Dr. Gregory House: Perseverance does not equal worthiness. Next time you want to get my attention, wear something fun. Low-riding jeans are hot.

Funny how Tuesday night is apparently my night of watching genres that I don't usually watch, but for which I make an exception for because they feature assholes

10:00 PM
I might watch Boston Legal, it would follow suit with my unusual genres run for the evening and it has William Shatner I think and it seems funny, but at this point it doesn't deserve much more analysis

8:00 PM
Not much in this time slot really, I may catch That 70's Show or George Lopez from time to time, but chances are this will really be a Halo 2 night (The new maps are glorious). Again none of these are really worth giving much attention to though.

8:30 PM
Again, a pretty weak time in TV programming, I really wish they would have left Alias in the 8PM Wednesday night timeslot, that would have made my thursday nights much less complicated (which you will see in a few moments). Maybe I'll catch Freddie, or just watch sweet sweet Pamela for half an hour on Stacked.

9:00 PM
Definatly watching Lost. You can see my comments on this show in my previous post. It's a shame, there are some other great shows that are going to get crushed by Lost in this timeslot. I've seen a few episodes of Veronica Mars this summer and it's a pretty cool show, and Veronica is a hotty. Head Cases looks pretty funny interesting show too. I think I'm most going to regret missing Criminal Minds, which interestingly is the name of this awesome book I'm reading right now. Criminal profiling is awesome, maybe I'll hit that up on the VHS. Damn I wish I had Tivo or DVR.

10:00 PM
Invasion will be on ABC, I might catch that, rather skeptical of it's possibilities though.

8:00 PM
The O.C. on Fox and Alias on ABC
Again, my comments on these shows were in the previous post. Probably will watch The O.C. live and tape Alias and watch that later.

I found this quote from Dr. Gregory House of the Fox show that I mentioned earlier in this post today.

Dr. Gregory House: I don't *need* to watch The O.C., but it makes me happy.

I know how you feel Greg, I know how you feel...although I actually do *need* to watch the O.C.

If you're not into either of these shows (HOW COULD YOU), you may want to check out Everybody Hates Chris. The reviews say it's hilarious and it's all done by Chris Rock who is quite funny. I wish my Thursday night pattern wasn't already full.

9:00 PM
The 9:00 PM thursday slot is fairly weak in comparison to the 8:00 PM spot. I guess I'll keep watching Reunion until I get sick of it. Seems rather interesting so far. And No, Reunion does not deserve a link.

Friday & Saturday Night TV sucks and there's a reason why. Only people who suck watch TV on those nights, the rest of us will be out drinking...or watching a movie or something fun...or playing Halo. If I do happen to decide to stay in on a saturday night, it will probably result in some SNL.

I've pretty much discussed my entire Sunday night line up in the previous posts. However I did neglect to discuss a few things in that post.

9:00 PM
Desperate Housewives on ABC
Going to either hit this or the Family Guy/American Dad combo on the VHS, because there's no way I can miss any of these shows. No, I'm not a girl for watching this show. I watch it for the massive amount of dark humor that is utilized in this show, which is very rare in today's culture Also, I watch it for the hot chicks such as Eva Longoria and Marcia Cross. Playboy is heavily pursuing all the ladies of Desperate Housewives for a shoot...that would be hot.

11:00 PM - 1:00AM
Adult Swim, I love it, what can I say. They put out awesome innovative programming, such as Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force along with reairing episodes of Family Guy and Futurama.

Video killed the radio star.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the reviews! Since I've been lacking access to the entertainment world all summer, your input helped me sort things out a bit. I agree about House being one of the only watchable medical shows. His humor is priceless.

resqagent said...

nice jack. i wish i had a tv. its gonna drive me insane. oh well.

you dont watch 24?

also, i dont think veronica mars is gonna be crushed - remember its on UPN. that means high ratings for UPN are ratings taht would get a show cancelled on one of the Big 4.

i think i'm gonna have a lot of DVD catchup next year.

Jack said...

I never really knew about 24 when it first aired and it's gotten to a point where I'd really rather watch all the other seasons on DVD to catch up before I watch the new season.

Besides, even if I did plan on watch 24, the new season doesn't start till January, so I wouldn't have included it in this post.