Sunday, March 12, 2006

Missed THAT Memo

So I missed out on the fact that yesterday was effectively St. Patrick's Day in the bar going world. I had assumed that that would not be until next Friday, since Friday is the real St. Patrick's Day. When I went out last night I was quite upset that everyone else was wearing green and I was remiss in not wearing my "All an Irishman really wants is a little lAss" shirt that CL gave me a year and a half ago. I guess bar going St. Patty's Day falls on the same day as St. Patrick's Day Parades which were also yesterday. Ce la vie.

Tell my ma when I go home,
The boys won't leave the girls alone,
They pulled my hair and stole my comb,
But that's all right 'till I go home.
She is handsome, she is pretty
She is the belle of Belfast city,
She is courting, one two three
Please won't you tell me who is she?

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