Thursday, April 13, 2006

Inconsiderate Relatives Part II: Why Don't You Recognize Me As An Adult?

Today is part 2 of me being pissed at my relatives for planning a 25th anniversary party for my parents. Yesterday I focused on why it was generally a bad idea and not a proper way to honor my parent's 25 years of marriage. Today I'm going to be a bit more personal with my distaste for this party. Namely the fact that I was not consulted about this party until less than a month before the party itself. And even when I was consulted, it was not to ask me my opinion on anything, but to tell me not to make any plans for the date of the party. Let's get something straight, I'm about to turn 23, I'm a college graduate, and I'm the eldest child of the "honorees" of this party. I feel like I should have some say in what's going on, if not THE say about what's going on. These are my parents and this is really about OUR family and given that this is a surprise party for my parents, I become the defacto honcho for these sorts of decisions. The fact that they didn't even check with me to see if I already had plans for that day really pisses me off, because quite frankly, I already had plans on that day. Other than my parents, my siblings and I are the most important people to have at that party, so it should be coordinated to fit our timetable, nobody elses. I don't ususually try to bend people to do things the way I want them done, but the fact that I wasn't even asked if I'd be available that day, let alone the fact that I'm not having a hand in this development at all reallly pisses me off.

Someone out there's listening to the same song
Feeling the same way that I do
Make me a believer
Pick up the receiver
Tell me you feel just like I do I do

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